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Your health, safety and wellbeing are our top priorities! For Summer 2020, our 44th season, the entire team here at Esterel Caravaning is reinvigorating the feeling of happiness & the joy of having fun together this year!
To ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable holiday, just like every other year at Esterel Caravaning, we’re making some minor modifications to ensure a safe and secure environment this summer.

Our entertainment offerings will be available for the entire summer season. Our animation team, just like every other year, brings a ray of sunshine to your days & nights whilst ensuring that health / social distancing boundaries are upheld. Our sports & evening activities schedule can be found at the Activities Hut. The Mini Club and the Teen Club are open. The tennis courts, petanques, skate park, multisport, badminton court, mountain biking & play areas are, you guessed it, open!

Access to Activities:
All entertainment activities are running as planned and we have reorganized everything from top to bottom, in order to ensure proper social distancing as well as ensuring that health & safety measures are in place for the safety & comfort of our guests and tour operators. Our 4 amazing WHITE NIGHTS will be running as scheduled and our patio shows will be revised for 2020.

Availability of Activities:
All activities that allow adequate social distancing are available to guests. Such as our kids club with its workshops, outdoor fitness activities, individual sports and evening entertainment. Our Archery field is closed, so are all group sports tournaments as well as all activities that cannot guarantee proper social distancing such as basketball, beach volley…

All Esterel Caravaning facilities that meet government imposed health standards are open:
– water park and the swimming pools
– white sand beach and its sunbeds
– Solarium + Deckchairs
– Bar
– Restaurant
– Convenience Store
– Snack Bar (Takeaway Food)
– Boutique shop
– Kids clubs: Teens Club / Mini Club
– TV room
– Gaming Studio
– Medic Available On Call
– Reception…

The following facilities will remain closed:
– Beauty center / Spa
– Baby club
– Shuttle service which has been replaced by a new public BUS line : Agglobus line n°7 which runs between Agay Bastidon & Saint-Raphaël Bus station, Esterel Caravaning’s bus stop is located at the bottom of the campsite, adjacent to the main road. Single tickets cost €1.50
– Our “Jungle Pool” roofed kids paddling pool
– Ice Cream Gourmet hut
– Our terrace restaurant : “La Terrasse”

Self-check in is available when booking online.
This year we must all abide by specific COVID-19 regulations whilst within Esterel Caravaning such as following the designated entrance/exit when entering/exiting the reception.
Our anti-COVID19 defense strategy is based on three simple fundamental principles: 1) the use of face masks; 2) everyone maintains proprer personal hygiene; 3) all guests maintain strict a social distance between one another measuring at least 1m / 3 ft. Upon arrival, all families must fill out a special COVID-19 declaration/information form. Our staff are subject to regular temperature checks each time they enter the campsite.

During our massages, body treatments, facials … we cannot maintain the required social distance of at least 1m / 3 ft, therefore the beauty spa will not be open to guests this year.

When do I need to wear my mask during my holiday at Esterel Caravaning?
Masks are required in scenarios where it is not possible to guarantee proper social distancing of at least 1 m / 3 feet (except for those belonging to the same family unit), we recommend that families wear individual masks whenever they are outside the perimeter of their caravan pitch / Mobile home.
Do I need to wear disposable gloves during my holiday?
Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 secs each time😉 We provide hands-free sanitiser dispensers in all areas around the campsite.
The installation of hydro-alcoholic sanitisation solutions at the entrance to all public places is guaranteed, and frequent use by customers and staff is highly advised. Therefore, it is not compulsory to use disposable gloves during your stay with us.
Will the staff members be wearing masks ?
Our staff are required to wear either face masks or visors when in the presence of our guests as well in all scenarios where it is not possible to maintain social distancing of at least 1m / 3 ft.

You must always wear your face mask whilst shopping inside our boutique store and/or convenience store.
All guests are required to abide by this mandatory regulation.
The use of disposable gloves within either store is highly recommended.

Our usual program will continue but all fitness activities will be conducted outside, the fitness room remains closed.
A social distance of at least 4 m / 13 ft must be maintained during all physical activities (please pay close attention when conducting any intensive activities).

The size of the pitches (min. 90 m² / 968 sq ft . Max. 250 m² / 2691 sq ft) and the boundaries ensures that all guests are properly socially distanced from one another; the ability for all of our guests to spend the whole day outdoors and enjoy the sun is an important factor in the fight against the virus.

WATER SWIMMING POOLS AND WATER PARK are open, so you can go for a dip and enjoy yourself!
The chlorine in the swimming pool water is continuously monitored (free flowing active chlorine between 1.0 – 1.5 mg / l; combined chlorine ≤ 0.40 mg / l; pH 6.5 – 7.5) in the tank, it is calculated with an index of 7 m2 of water surface per person.
It is possible to use the solariums and the beach, each with a surface area measuring 5000m2 / 53819 sq ft and 900 m2 / 9687 sq ft of white sandy beach respectively.
The population density is calculated with an index of at least 4 m2 / 43 sq ft of surface area per person. The arrangement of the sunbeds is set up to ensure proper social distancing between each guests as well as utilising unique directional paths.
At the end of each day, our staff disinfects all of our sunbeds for the following day’s use.
If you use a sunbed after another guest, we ask you to please wipe down and disinfect the sunbed. Hand sanitiser and paper towels are available at various locations in and around the pool area.

Inside the restaurant, customers must wear a mask whenever they are not seated at the table.
Hands-free sanitiser dispensers are available for customers and staff also at several points in the room, especially at the entrance and near the toilets.
Reservations are highly recommended.
The tables are arranged so that the seats guarantee proper social distancing of at least 1m / 3 ft of separation between customers, with the exception of people who, under the current guidelines, are not subject to social distancing; this latter aspect is the responsibility of the individual.
The menus are presented in laminated printing with preventive disinfection and are available online via a QR-CODE that guests can scan using their smartphones.

In all of our toilet blocks there are designated paths to avoid individuals crossing each other as much as possible. There are also hands-free sanitiser dispensers and all sanitary devices can be used while respecting the minimum distances provided. The constant disinfection of surfaces, contact parts and sanitary fittings, carried out by specialized personnel, as well as the natural circulation of air, guarantee the safety of users. Dispensers are available in the toilets with hydro-alcoholic disinfectant solutions for hand hygiene.

It is possible to bathe in the Sea.
Indeed, the salt water bath is recommended for its beneficial properties on the body, for the natural disinfection of the saline environment and for the very high degree of dilution guaranteed by sea water. It should be noted that as of 2020, the coast of Saint-Raphaël now flies the blue flag, which is synonymous with a coastline with the cleanest water and the highest level of attention for safety.

All individual sports are available (tennis, pétanque, mini-golf, ping pong, water.

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A Message from Madame Aurore Laroche – Esterel Caravaning Director

Dear friends & holidaymakers,

As you know, this pandemic has forced Esterel Caravaning to suspend operations and postpone its opening for the second time this year. This is a deeply regretful decision, not just on a personal level, but also for my team, and most importantly for you, my valued guests.
I would like to thank you all not only for your ongoing support but also all of your messages, phone calls and comments on all of our social media posts… Solidarity is our forte and you guys have proved this time and time again. You’ve always proved that we are all one big family. Thank you! I have been profoundly touched by every single e-mail, text message, letter, etc. Beyond the emotion of seeing our community, our tightly-knit Esterel family, which I’m thrilled to see growing every day, is also a source of encouragement for us to prepare ourselves and to remind ourselves that there is light at the end of this crisis.
We know that your holidays are important, not only for yourself and your family but the fact that many of you have a specific budget set aside for them that you have spent all year saving up every penny towards said goal. We hope we will be able to provide you with these long-awaited moments of relaxation and dreams, as soon as possible.
To ensure this occurs in a timely manner, and because I am determined to see this through, we, the team at Esterel Caravaning and myself, decided to make our voices heard, by giving a voice to holidaymakers one and all. After writing a letter to the French President, Mr Emmanuel Macron, we aim to raise awareness among business leaders. To spread our message we started a petition. If you could spare just a few seconds, please go to the link below, sign it and share it… share it and share it again with all your friends & family.


My entire team will be here to process each and every booking with great care & attention. They will take each and every request into consideration and will welcome you as best they can. You are all VIPs to us, our exclusive holidaymakers.
Our website is updated regularly, you can book your stay online and you can always get in touch with us either by phone or email. Also, to satisfy you as best we can, we have decided to extend this year’s season till October 31st (originally scheduled to end September 26th) and these new dates are available at very attractive prices. In preparation for your arrival, we will ensure to put in place all the necessary measures and to uphold all essential hygiene regulations, as soon as we get the go-ahead to this year’s season. Right now, we are in the process of expanding our Kids’ Club by doubling its surface area and creating a dedicated entrance to ensure your children’s safety. For our shared washrooms, as we do not solely offer pitches with private bathrooms, we are in the process of hiring bathroom attendants for each of our toilet blocks. We will also be receiving a supply of face masks. These will be available to all guests upon arrival. We have set up very strict hygiene rules and we will be installing sanitiser dispensers throughout the campsite. We are awaiting the latest advisories from our higher-ups and the government so that we can safely welcome you this summer.
I wish you and your loved ones a safe and as cheerful as possible lockdown period. Remember, above all else, stay healthy, stay close to your family and stay home as best you can in these unusual times. I look forward to welcoming you as soon as possible at Esterel Caravaning.


Even though we do not yet know the exact day of our opening for this season, we have taken the decision to extend this season: Esterel Caravaning will be open for the Autumn holidays, up until 31st October 2020!
Perfect weather conditions, Indian summer, a beautiful late season, in October the French Riviera is once more the place to be! All our services will be running, the swimming-pools and waterpark open and heated and the prices as low as can be!

We wish you to stay safe and healthy, take care of yourselves!


Here at Esterel Caravaning, our number 1 priority has and always will be the safety, health and wellbeing of both our guests and our team and we are taking all measures to ensure, in complete security, the opening of Esterel Caravaning.
Today, we received word that no campsites/camping grounds in the whole of France can be opened before April 15th.
We are therefore postponing our 2020 season-opening until April 15th, subject to new government measures/restrictions.
We are implementing a new confidence serenity policy for your reservations, and therefore if you wish to modify your booking and stay at Esterel Caravaning (for arrivals up to April 30th),we have taken the decision to allow you to postpone your stay at the same rate for a similar stay, at the same conditions, and organised before July 04th 2020.
If you wish to come between July 04th 2020 and August 31st 2020, in case of availability, it will be against the applicable rate.

See you very soon at Esterel Caravaning!


Our only priority at Esterel Caravaning has always been to ensure safety and health of our guests and co-workers and we have taken all measures to securely open up Esterel Caravaning on April 01st.
Taking into account the recent updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), Esterel Caravaning, even before putting measures into place, has done some research :

– Sanitary measures suggested by health authorities
– Sanitary measures taken by large hospitality groups, such as Yelloh Village, Club Med, Accor, etc…
– Sanitary measures in terms of efficiency and adapted to our company.

In application of the research listed above, we are able to say that :

1) The first of all specificities of Esterel Caravaning is to be located in the heart of Esterel mountain range, classified Natura 2000 natural park with 32.000 hectares.
This means that next to our company there is no concentration area such as for some other campgrounds, as shopping malls where population is concentrated.

2) Esterel Caravaning represents 495 pitches on 19 hectares, and has 26 emplacements per hectare.
As a reminder, in France, 5-star campsites have on average 70 emplacements per hectare.
Concretely, this means that Esterel Caravaning has a low density compared to other French campsites.

3) Besides our privileged location and the space we offer our guests, Esterel Caravaning is located in an area that is not affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

4) We have taken specific measures by designating a responsible person overseeing the cleaning and disinfection, in compliance with health guidelines recommended by WHO and Ministry of Health.

This person, specially trained and counselled by medical staff, has the following mission :
– Putting into place and verifying the cleaning and disinfection
– Making sure to put into place at every place welcoming guests (reception, bar, restaurant, grocery store, bakery, animation, swimming-pool…) a self-serve disinfection device
– To train the company’s staff
– To create leaflets and flyers to make guests aware of health-related measures
– The establishment of adapted processes and surveillance of the cleaning staff who integrated a disinfection procedure of all air conditioning units at Esterel Caravaning
– The establishment of a direct and fast partnership with a doctor and a nurse in case of doubt for one of our guests or employees
– The purchase of additional electronic thermometers, protective gloves and masks
– A daily control of body temperature of our entire staff at their arrival at work
– A control of body temperature for our guests coming from areas designated by national authorities as being at risk
– The use of gel disinfectants in the entire campsite

Even though our area, Agay, in Saint-Raphaël in the VAR department, is not hit by the virus, and though our company is located in the heart of Esterel mountains, at distance from highly frequented areas, Esterel Caravaning has taken the measures listed above in order to protect our guests and employees.

Please be aware that these measures ensure your security at Esterel Caravaning and we await you on April 01st.

Yours sincerely,

Aurore Laroche